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Cargo Planet provides a full spectrum of transport and logistic services: transportation of groupage shipments, part and full loads (including ADR shipments), as well as temperature controlled shipments to and from Europe and in Bulgaria. In addition to the above (or as separate services) Cargo Planet provides full warehousing services and domestic distribution in Bulgaria.

We have gained solid experience for over 10 years. We constantly develop and maintain our services’ standard based on our good relations with clients and partners.

Leaning on our experience, we are seeking constant development and new solutions for our clients to meet their business dynamics.  Cargo Planet applies a strict subcontractor control system, and our good cooperation with subcontractors allows us to find prompt solutions to our customers’ transport needs.

We aim to be a socially responsible and green organization by choosing own fleet vehicles that meet the highest eco-standards. We actively participate in various social activities.



For over 10 years Cargo Planet provided transport and logistic services to some of the largest companies in Bulgaria, and to hundreds of middle and small companies as well. We always take an individual approach to each client in order to offer the best service.

We started our way in 2007. Leaning on our professional qualities and personal approach to our clients we have built ourselves a solid reputation of a respected, trusted and preferred forwarding company.

We enjoy and seek challenges that come with international deliveries. In order to meet adequately our customers’ needs and dynamics, we constantly expand the range of means we use: approved subcontractors, foreign logistic partners, regular groupage lines. We lean on technologies for the constant improvement of our activity. Our transport management system allows constant control on shipment tracking and provides quick and accurate queries. 

Our missionPromptness, quality and responsibility

Promptness, quality and responsibility have been our main milestones over the years.

We know that quality is of top priority in services we offer.

Therefore, for over 10 years we constantly maintain and improve our quality control system – first in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and now with ISO 9001:2015 which includes risk management as well. Constant risk control over key aspects of the business provides for the successful planning and performance of all processes.

We aim for constant development and improvement in the name of our clients.



We all desire a better world for our children.

The only way to do it is by personal examples and united efforts. We take environment care as a personal responsibility and constantly update our own fleet with lower carbon emission vehicles. Year after year, we participate in nature-restoring initiatives. We have also been supporting and performing a number of social activities. There are many more to come…

Success in business compels us to help and share with those in need.



CargoPlanet is a strong cohesive team that loves to be together, work together and have fun together!

Success is always built up by people.

The same goes for us. We have reached our success due to the proficiency, devotion and joined efforts of our entire team.

 From the very beginning, we started as a united team. We worked together and had fun together. We still carry on this way, keeping up the good spirit for over 10 years, despite the significant growth of staff.

As a team, we depend on each other and support each other. Every professional is welcome, and so is everyone who seeks challenges at work. We highly appreciate and encourage desire for personal and professional growth. Our strong team pushes Cargo Planet further, and, in return, Cargo Planet provides improvement opportunities to each of its employees.

About us

Company ownership is 100% Bulgarian. We are specialized in the full spectrum of transport and logistic services: road transport of groupage shipments, part and full loads, including oversized and ADR cargo, to and from Europe and in Bulgaria. In addition, we offer full range of warehouse services and specific solutions for e-commerce deliveries and support – fulfilment services.


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About us

Фирмата е изцяло българска и специализира в пълния спектър услуги от транспортно-логистичната индустрия: сухопътен транспорт на групажни пратки, превоз на частични и цели товари; включително транспорт на извънгабаритни пратки и опасни товари по дестинации из цяла Европа и България. В допълнение компанията предлага пълно складово обслужване за клиентите за националната палетна дистрибуционна мрежа Pall-Ex.


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Cargoplanet 2021 © All rights reserved. Website by Studio Kipo